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Ireland – Meet another contender for the Irish Eurovision 2015 entry. With RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) having an open national selection for Eurovision 2015 it has seen massive interest.

We give you Krystal Mills who is from Wales yet comes from a family with strong Irish ties. Krystal has tried to enter the Irish National selection for many years when the ‘Mentor System’ was used by RTE.

Krystal Mills . Photo : Krystal Mills Facebook

Krystal Mills . Photo : Krystal Mills Facebook

This year she has submitted a song directly to the contest seeking to represent Ireland in Vienna next May.

Krystal has had songs in the Swiss and Romania Eurovision National song selections over the past 2 years. However it has always been Ireland that she has wanted to represent at the contest.

This year she has submitted the song ‘Hometown’. Krystal has always sung and written a lot of country music and with the success of The Common Linnets at Eurovision this year, could this be an acceptance of this music genre at the contest?

Tell us what you think of ‘Hometown’? Could you see Krystal at Eurovision? Is Eurovision ready for more country music? Tell us.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall





"The Welsh warbler tried her luck in both the Swiss and Romanian national finals last year, but to no avail. The continental rejection has failed to keep Krystal down, and now she’s turned west in another attempt to get to Eurovision. She hopes to win over the Irish with the counrty western song “Hometown”. Country music is big bucks in the Emerald Isle, but is the notoriously patriotic nation ready to be represented by a cowgirl from Wales?"



"Krystal Mills is a Welsh singer-songwriter aiming to represent The Emerald Isle in Eurovision 2015. She narrowly missed out from competing in the Romanian national final earlier this year with Mircea Cioclei and their beautiful ballad Every Time I See You. Krystal also entered the Swiss selection with Bang Bang Bang but now has her eyes set on flying the Irish flag in Vienna. I was fortunate enough to speak to Krystal about her new single, Conchita Wurst, hunky cowboys and her experience in Romania!"
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Jack Voda - Editor
The Irish broadcaster RTE has today announced they have recieved over 200 song submissions for the Ireland selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which will be held in Vienna, Austria.
In recent years RTE has selected entertainment professionals, to select and produce an act & song to submit into the Ireland selection, however this year RTE has opened the submissions to everyone.
Early rumours suggest among the names of people who have entered the selection is Ireland Eurovision 2011 & 2012 contestants Jedward, former X Factor contestant Mary Byrne, Eurovision 2013 contestant Ryan Dolan, newly formed girlband Liir, Singer Krystal Mills & X Factor 2014 contestant Janet Grogan.


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Eurovision 2014: Cardiff singer Krystal Mills aims to be Swiss entry

Two years ago Cardiff's Krystal Mills couldn't play the guitar and had never sung in public.

Now she is through to the second round of selection for Switzerland's 2014 Eurovision Song Contest entry.

Krystal, 20, dropped out of a hairdressing course and took up busking, after she won a pub karaoke competition.

She is currently in Geneva promoting her entry Bang Bang Bang.

Her debut single Waiting For You spent two months at No 1 in the unsigned artists chart in February and March 2012.

She now faces two weeks of online voting.

Her mother and manager, Sharon, told BBC Wales: "It just doesn't seem real somehow.

"Krystal had never shown any interest in music before winning that competition - she'd certainly never written or performed a song of her own but the confidence that gave her has unlocked something amazing.

"When we could see that she was starting to get keen on the singing, we bought her a guitar for her birthday and within ten days she'd taught herself to play it via YouTube."

Krystal at the Millennium Stadium as part of a concert for Cardiff's Mardi Gras

Krystal describes her style as "country and folky, with a bit of psychedelia thrown in".

In August she played the Millennium Stadium as part of a concert for Cardiff's Mardi Gras Festival, around 18 months after she made her busking debut on the street outside.

But even with all this success, her mother never imagined that one day her daughter could be competing in Eurovision, and far less for Switzerland.

"It was when we were watching this year's Eurovision that Krystal piped up that she'd like to give it a go. She'd just written Bang Bang Bang and thought it'd tap into the Bond craze around Sky Fall.

"So we got in touch with the UK organisers, and even though they explained that they wanted to persist with having a well-known performer for our entry, they were really helpful and put us in touch with the committees from Switzerland, Hungary and Turkey, who all accept entries from non-nationals.

"Switzerland were most interested. They had thousands of applications as it was open to anyone, but Krystal's made it through to the last 150 or so which go to the public vote."

Voting opens on Monday and lasts until 18 November, with the top 10 songs going through to a live TV show with broadcaster SRF in February.

If Krystal wins that then the next stop is Copenhagen next May.


Globe Unsigned live broadcast from Central Radio Wales 14th Aug 12

Busker Krystal Mills reaches top spot in Unsigned Top Charts

SINGERS Cerys Matthews, Tracy Chapman and KT Tunstall were discovered when busking and the Manic Street Preachers used to do it before they were famous on the streets of Blackwood.

Now young Welsh warbler Krystal Mills is hoping to hit the big time after entertaining shoppers in Wales for just two months.

The teenager with the voice of a seasoned country singer has reached number one in the Unsigned Top Charts, the chart for unsigned artists, with her song Waiting For You.

The song has now been uploaded to iTunes and the trainee hairdresser has also been hired as a support act at the Cardiff's music venue The Globe.

"It's absolutely amazing to get to number one in the Unsigned Top Charts," she said.

"I'm trying to get myself out there, trying to be discovered."


Two years ago Krystal Mills was training to become a hairdresser. But after trying her luck in a few music contests, the 20-year-old put down the scissors and picked up a guitar. Now she's aiming to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Krystal, who is among the 159 hopefuls with songs uploaded on the Swiss Eurovision Platform, recently told us about her ambitions, her song "Bang Bang Bang", and why she'd be a worthy contestant for La Suisse!


The BBC has reported that you won a pub karaoke competition two years ago. How influential was that win on your ambitions?

It was a misprint from the BBC, as the competition was a national talent competition run by Best Western Hotels in 2010. I won the Cardiff heat and came 2nd overall in the UK. So I tried again the following year in Bristol which was in a shopping precinct with thousands of onlookers and the public voted for me to win and again I reached the national final.

It was from that point that I realised singing could be my vocation. So I continued singing at charity events and busking in City Centre high streets to gain confidence and experience, which then led onto festivals and arenas. I now perform to thousands at events such as the Godiva Festival, which had a foot fall of 120,000 over one weekend in 2013. However, I do enjoy singing to smaller intimate venues where I have eye to eye contact and encourage the audience to participate.

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 10.13.17

Can you tell us a bit about "Bang Bang Bang"?

My song "Bang, Bang, Bang" was a track that was inspired from the James Bond films. Before I wrote this song I was watching the recent Bond Film "SkyFall" which Adele co-wrote and performed and thought I should have a go trying to write my own Bond Song in my own style.

I watched many other Bond films including "Goldfinger", "On her Majesty's Service", "From Russia with Love", "The Spy who Loved Me", and "A View to Kill", which were all filmed in various locations around Switzerland!

This song took me two days to write.

How would you characterise your musical style? What section would a record shop put Krystal in?

My musical style is Contemporary Country however I am quite versatile and can sing many genres including Pop and Rock too. My inspirations are Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and many more.

I would like to think that my music section would be under Country and can one day be seen in Major Retail Distribution Stores e.g. HMV, Virgin and the future retail of Online Stores e.g. ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon…

Have you ever been to Switzerland before? Do you think you'd be a good representative for Switzerland?

I have never been to Switzerland. However, from what my family and friends who have been there told me, it's a picture perfect country and a must visit. I haven't done a lot of travelling. However, I have seen photos of Lake Lucerne and Lake Garda which looks magical.

Representing Switzerland will give me the opportunity to see this beautiful country as well as a platform to sing to millions of viewers. The style of Eurovision songs over the years have varied and become modern in style of singing and I think my song is unique which would make it stand out. I believe that my song is very anthemic and hopefully the Swiss public will enjoy it and feel it could be the winning song for Eurovision 2014.
It would be an honour if I was accepted to be able to represent Switzerland who have had a great success in the past and hopefully I can be their new Celine Dion.

Have you listened to the other songs still in the running in Switzerland? What do you think of them?

I have watched a number of music videos and the great thing about the Swiss Eurovision Platform site is all songs are in different genres so I know the judges will have a hard time choosing who they think should represent Switzerland that is for sure! I have encouraged my UK supporters to vote for me as I know I am at a disadvantage being a non-national, but hope the Swiss people will welcome me to their country and judge me and my song fairly.

At this competition it's run 50/50 between Judge Votes and Public Votes. I need the General Public's help!

Any other words for our readers?

Please vote for "Krystal & The Rhinestones" by clicking here. Please remember to log in before you vote and click on "4 Stimmen". Then be sure to submit your vote after seeing German writing on top in green. That is how you know your vote has gone through.

*Helpful Tip for non-German Speakers*- Use Google Chrome as the Swiss Site will translate itself to your own language.
You can only vote ONCE per account!

For more information, you can visit Krystal's official web site and her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter.




X FACTOR contestant John Adams and his beauty pageant partner Kelly Lloyd have joined forces to raise over £1,000 for two top charities. "There was four amazing singers who kindly gave up their time on the night, including the fantastic vocalist Krystal Mills, the amazing Sarah Brown and local singer Ashley Williams.


"Krystal is 18, from Cardiff and sang four songs for us 'Someone Like You', 'Run to You' 'Love Story' and 'Just the Way You Are'. She came second in last year's Britain's got personality talent show, but can she make it to the top spot this year singing Bruno Mars? If you think Krystal has what it takes to be number one this year then get voting!"
Best Western - Hotel's With Personality



A SERIES of concerts to raise money for Velindre Hospital will launch in Cardiff tomorrow night.

Dubbed Rock4Life, the gigs are the brainchild of Wayne Courtney, who has his own very personal reasons for raising funds for Cardiff's cancer care hospital.

Rock4Life: The Globe, Albany Road, Roath, Cardiff, Thursday. Calum Ross & The Scarlets and BlackHouse. Tickets £5.

Rock4Life: The Gower, Cathays, Cardiff. Friday, September 28. Hobo Bogweed, The Fflip Fflops, The Shrieking Violets. Tickets £5.

Rock4Life: The Gower, Cathays. Saturday, September 29. The Lovely Wars, Capitol Confusion, Krystal Mills. Tickets for this gig are also £5.

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Roath Rocks for charity this weekend

he Gower pub will be home to a raft of Cardiff's musical talent this weekend as the venue hosts the first ever Roath Rocks festival.

The weekend of live music, which is raising cash for two local causes, kicks off tomorrow night from 6pm with a line-up of bands including Hullaballo, the Fflip Fflops, Calum Ross and The Scarlets, and Hobo Bogweed.

On Saturday there will be a barbecue from 2pm in the pub's beer garden, followed by performances from Roath musicians Krystal Mills, Peppered Moths, Calum Ross, Donna Armstrong, and other yet-to-be-announced artists.

Cash raised on the Friday night will go towards We Are Cardiff's fundraising campaign for its film projectWe Are Cardiff: Portrait of A City.



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